It takes a special mindset to be a long snapper. It can get into your head if you don't know how to deal with the stress of narrow margin of error associated with the job.

The role of a long snapper is unique. When the job is well done, no one knows you exist. That's just the way you need to keep it. The people that need to know you, will know you. The long snapper is an insurance policy for the coach. No mistakes, period. The long snappers job is high stakes because when you are on the field, your team needs to convert some points or prevent a major field position advantage to go to the opposing team. Let's face it, snappers don't get a lot of respect, period. Your teammates think your job is cake and make jokes constantly. For many they just don't think of snapper as a "real" position, however just ask one of the guys on your team who thinks he can snap to try it in a game or even in a live practice. Not gonna happen 'cuz they know it isn't all that easy. The media is contantly asking why the team is wasting a roster spot on a guy who just snaps and how they can't believe how much you get paid just snap the football a few times a game.